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Flying with a baby short haul

These are the tops tips for flying with a baby on a flight that's up to 3 hours long:


1. Fly during nap time time


I'd say this is one of the top tips! If you fly around the time when they're meant to be taking a nap then you increase your chances of some sleep for your baby and some quiet time for you!


2. Hydrate more than usual


Same as adults babies can get a bit of a dry throat, skin etc on the plane due to the air-con. In order to make them feel comfortable give more liquids no matter if that's breastmilk, formula or water.


3. Pack essentials in hand luggage


Babies are entitled to a carry on of their own (they basically get the same allowance as the parents on board) so think of what you will need during the flight. Some must haves are: snacks, nappies and wipes, bottles for milk or water, some toys and spare clothes.


4. Get an aisle seat


Babies love to explore! Instead of asking the person next to you to let you out every time you can just ask for an aisle seat and come and go as you please!


5. Ask for a spare seat next to you


Airlines are great with this. If the flight isn't full then they'll always be more than happy to put parents next to spare seats. Trust me you're really going to appreciate this as it's much easier to keep bottles, toys, bags on the seat next to you than in the overhead locker.


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