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Getting your baby to sleep on the plane!

There are a lot of things you can do to entertain your baby on the plane but the best option of all is if they fall asleep!


After having flown to 14 countries with our 1 year old this is what we do to maximise our chances of that happening:


1. Put their pyjamas on


Putting pyjamas on will signal sleep to your baby. If you don't have pyjamas on you then any comfortable clothes will do. Just like you want to feel comfortable before falling asleep so do babies so we love putting him in onesies when we fly! 


2. Feed to sleep


Not everyone likes this but it works miracles! When you want your baby to relax and fall asleep feeding to sleep (either breastfeeding or giving a bottle) is a good trick because it's also combined with the white noise that the plane makes. It's worked the majority of time for us as our baby is used to having milk before going to sleep!


3. Get them as tired as possible


This is key to falling asleep on the plane. Make sure they run around as much as possible at the airport and even let them be active on the plane. Walk around the plane with them and do whatever you can to get all their energy out so they're tired enough to have a snooze afterwards.


4. Fly during nap time


This is great when you manage to do it! For long haul flights this is usually a given as there's bound to be a nap time or even nighttime sleep included in the many hours you're flying. However, for short haul flights it might be trickier to time. We always opt for lunchtime/ afternoon flights so they can coincide with a nap and that way we get some free time on board.


Hope these tricks work for you and that your baby falls asleep on every flight to give mum and dad some peace and quiet! Remember that the more relaxed you are the more relaxed your baby is going to be so just take it easy and try to keep them comfortable during your flight.


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