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Things to do in Paros with a baby

With 227 islands, Greece is a top destination for visitors of all ages! Since Greece is a very family focused country, the majority of the islands are very baby friendly with plenty of things to do for you and your little ones!


Here are the top things to do on the island of Paros:

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1. Lefkes


You can't go to Greece and not see white houses and blue domes! Lefkes is an all white village with beautiful cobbled streets, colourful trees and friendly locals. You will need to carry your baby in a sling as it's not pram friendly.


2. Naoussa


Probably the busiest part of the island! Naoussa has an array of bars and restaurants that get busier and busier as the day goes by. You can walk along the fishing port and see the castle of Naoussa. Check out Fotis all day bar - hidden bar where you're only surrounded by the sea and the blue and white houses!


3. Parikia Town


This is where you will be dropped off if you go to Paros by boat. We went to Parikia a lot as it has so many restaurants by the sea and it's very easy to find whatever food you're looking for. To top it all off you can visit a local patisserie and grab a local desert to take on your evening stroll by the sea.


4. Piso Livadi


It's hard to pick amongst the beaches in Paros. If you have the time you should visit them all! I picked Piso Livadi because it's a quiet one where you can dip in the sea and then have lunch in one of the tavernas right next to the beach. There is also a beautiful church overlooking the Aegean Sea that's a must sea if you are in the area.


5. Monastiri Beach


This beach is busier and has a beach bar and public showers and changing rooms. There is a short hike you can do as well to see some great rock formations but this isn't very baby friendly. We did part of it and then aborted and went for a swim!


6. Take a day trip to Antiparos


If you have the time then it's definitely worth hopping on the nearby island of Antiparos. The ferry costs only €1.30/person and takes 10 min. This island is very similar to Paros but smaller and less busy so you can enjoy some secluded beaches, local tavernas and even see Tom Hank's house!


You can get to Paros either by plane from Athens or by ferry from the port of Pireus (near Athens) that takes 3hrs 50min. Enjoy!


For baby travel tips and inspiration follow:

Greece, Cyclades, Greek Islands, Greece with a baby, Family travel, Family vacation, Family holidays, Family trips
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