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Things to do in Abu Dhabi with a baby

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and the second most visited city in the country after Dubai. We visited Abu Dhabi with a 6 month old for a weekend and we found that that was enough time to see all the highlights!


Here are the top things to do:

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1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


This is definitely the highlight of Abu Dhabi. One of the most spectacular buildings you will ever see! You can only enter the mosque if you are fully covered. Men aren't allowed shorts and women need to be covered head to toe. If you are not dressed appropriately you will have to buy traditional clothings in the shopping centre outside the mosque. You can either go during the day and enjoy the white marble against the sun or do an evening tour which will be less busy and you get to admire the mosque all lit up.


Top Tip: For the perfect unobstructed view of the Mosque head over across the road to Wahat Al Karama Park (by car). The view is amazing at sunset as well as after the lights have come on and you can see the mosque reflection in the water.


2. Louvre Abu Dhabi


A lot of people don't know that there is a Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The building is beautiful and surrounded by water. Apart from admiring the art you can also do several activities like Kayak around the building or doing yoga under the dome.


3. Emirates Palace


This is a hotel right next to the actual Emirates Palace. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi and people visit it not only to admire its lobby area but also to walk and take pictures on the staircase outside.


4. The Corniche


This is perfect for a walk with the pram. It is beautiful both during the day when you can see all the sky scrappers across the sea and during the night when. This is where locals like to go for a stroll too as you will definitely see friends meeting up, families having a day out together and solo travellers walking and admiring the view!


5. Yas Marina Circuit


If you have a Formula 1 fan in the family then this is a must see. You can't go on the circuit but you can go up on a viewing point and look inside the famous Yas Marina Circuit. There if also Go Karting on site for those who feel inspired!


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