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Things to do in Athens with a baby

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece, and is known for its rich history, ancient landmarks, and vibrant cultural scene. I come from Greece so we have visited Athens many times both as a couple and with our baby!

Here are the top things to do:


1. The Acropolis Museum


A modern museum that showcases the history and artefacts of the ancient Acropolis. There are baby facilities, it's spacious and never too busy so it's very pleasant to go around with kids!

2. The National Garden


A lush and peaceful park in the center of Athens that's perfect for strolling and for picnics when the weather is nice! 


3. Monastiraki Flea Market


A bustling market that sells everything from antiques and vintage items to clothing and souvenirs. Can get quite busy as the paved streets are quite narrow so try to avoid rush hour!

4. The Parthenon

This involves a bit of a hike so only do it if you have a baby carrier on you, if your kids are old enough to walk steadily on their own and if it's not super sunny as there's barely any shade on the way. It's not a hard climb but it's just all out in the open and when you go you'd probably like to spend a bit of time looking around so do your research before going!

5. The Hellenic Children's Museum


A museum that offers hands-on activities and exhibits designed specifically for children.

​6. Take a ferry to the nearby islands


The islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina are all popular and easily accessible from Athens. The tickets are cheap and it doesn't take longer than 45 min - 1.5 hours to get there! If you have a few days to spare then definitely check one of them out!

Public transport:

The best way of getting around Athens is definitely the underground. It's relatively new thus clean and air-conditioned with plenty of space both on the platforms and in the train for a stroller.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy being in Greece as it's an amazing destination not just for couples but also families!


For baby travel tips follow:

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