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American Express Platinum - the credit card that gives you the most travel benefits! 

We have an exclusive offer for anyone who wants to sign up for American Express Platinum!


You get 45,000 points for joining but only if you go through the affiliate link below (if you don't then you get less points):


But first things first! We've used several credit cards in the past and have come to realise that the American Express Platinum is the best one in terms of all the benefits that they offer you!

Here is what you get if you sign up:

  • Free access to lounges worldwide for yourself + 1 more person

  • Free Travel Insurance for yourself and your family

  • Free meals at restaurants and shopping sprees every few months - in the past 12 months we've been to 4 restaurants for free (the bill was up to £150/time)

  • Refund and Fraud cover - if you ever feel that you need a refund but the shop/ company aren't getting back to you then American Express steps in and processes the refund for you.

  • Cash back and discounts at hotels and restaurants worldwide.

  • The points you collect can be used for free flights/ upgrades/ hotel nights,  shopping and discounts.

There are many more benefits that you can read about here:




If you sign up though this link you'll get 45,000 points (which is the equivalent of you having spent £45,000 on your card but lucky for you you don't have to..!)

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