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Reasons babies cry on the plane and what to do!

First of all babies cry when they're at home or outside on the street so it's only normal that they might cry on the plane!


If they do then here are a few reasons that you might want to think about in advance and have a plan on what to do!


1. Ear pressure

Changes in air pressure during takeoff and landing can cause pain in a baby's ears, leading to crying. To relieve this discomfort, try offering something to drink or eat! Anything from breastfeeding during takeoff and landing, offering a bottle of milk or water or eating a snack will help! Basically they need to be swallowing.

2. Hunger or dehydration


If you're flying long haul then the airlines will have some baby food on board or they can offer you extra snacks! However, don't just rely on them. Bring both water, milk and snacks on board with you and offer then ever so often. Please note that most planes might have formula to offer but not cow's milk.

3. Boredom


Being confined to a small space for an extended period of time can be boring for a baby (same as for adults!). Pack a few toys, books, or games to keep them entertained and be prepared to walk up and down the aisle a lot which will help them not feel "trapped".

4. Fatigue


Travel can be tiring for both adults and babies, and a baby may cry if they are overstimulated or need a nap. Try to keep your baby's sleep schedule as close to their normal routine as possible, and pack a blanket or familiar toy to help them feel more comfortable. On long haul flights we always ask for a bassinet so that they're more likely to sleep for longer as they'll be uninterrupted and our hands will be free!

5. Hot or Cold

I try to pack outfits for both the potential of both a hot and cold plane. Sometimes the air con might make them feel cold and in that case I put an extra layer on and sometimes it might feel stuffy in which case I have a t-shirt/ romper with me.

If your baby is crying, try to remain calm and find ways to comfort them. If the situation becomes overwhelming, it's okay to ask for help from a flight attendant or a fellow passenger. But the one thing you should NEVER do is start worrying about what other passengers will think! Most of them understand that babies sometimes cry! And the ones who don't... well I wouldn't spend any time thinking about them ;)

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