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Things to do on Big Island, Hawaii with a baby

The Big Island of Hawaii is the perfect destination if you want to combine the peace that nature offers with the buzz of bars and restaurants! We went to the Big Island with our 1 year old straight after Kauai and could definitely tell that the island of Hawaii was much busier!


Here are the top things to do on the Big Island and what to watch out for:

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1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


You can spend all day here! There are things to see no matter if you only want to drive around, walk a little bit or do proper hikes! Some of the options are: a chain of craters, a lava passage, as well as climb on the volcanos and even see the most active volcano in the world! If you can stay until nighttime you will see a very impressive view of actual lava spewing from the volcano! Wear comfortable shoes no matter if you decide to drive around or hike.


2. Akaka Falls State Park


Beautiful waterfalls without a long hike - just a short walk! Very impressive to see and very relaxing! Parking is paid but quite cheap compared to other places.


3. Fresh off the grid


A great juice bar seemingly in the middle of nowhere! It's quite cheap compared to normal Hawaiian prices and has a live band on most days! People can dance while enjoying some drinks and a gorgeous view around since the juice bar is on a mountain!


4. Hawaiian Vanilla Co.


This was definitely a bit surprise for me as I wasn't sold at first! But it turned out to be one of the highlights! You go to a family-run vanilla plantation (yes, Hawaii also produces vanilla!), you start by having a 3 course meal that all has vanilla in it while the dishes are explained to you by the owners who are the ones who work there. After you finish your delicious meal you go on a tour of the farm and learn how vanilla is produced. At the end you have the chance to buy some of the ingredients from your food!


5. Ali'i Drive


This is where all the action is happening! A strip by the sea with hotels, bars and restaurants. They're open until late at night and offer great drinks deals. Every restaurant we went to had a high chair and also had enough space to accommodate our stroller so we had no issues at all. This strip is also great for sunset walks.


Getting around:

You definitely need a car to get around the island of Hawaii. Car rental companies can sometimes be fully booked so make sure you book your car and car seat in advance! You can pick up your car right from the airport.


For baby travel tips and inspiration follow:

Hawaii, Big Island, Hawaii with a baby, Family adventure travel, Family travel tips, Family travel blog, Family travel deals
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