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Things to do on Oahu, Hawaii with a baby

Oahu is definitely our favourite island in Hawaii! We visited for 3 weeks with a 7 month old and a 2 year old and we've already promised to return next year!


In my opinion Oahu perfectly combines activities, convenience and the calmness of Hawaii.

Here are the top things to do:


1. Waikiki Beach


This is the place to be! I was honestly expecting it to be full of bars and clubs but I was pleasantly surprised at how kids friendly it is. You can find plenty of restaurants, shops, convenience stores and tourists..! 

And of course the beach is amazing and it has golden sand that our toddler loved playing in. This is definitely our favourite place to stay on the island.

2. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden


There is no entrance fee for this and it's a must. Endless greenery and impressive landscape. There are several parking spots inside the botanical garden where you can leave the car and go for a short or long hike. Note that you'll have to take your baby in a carrier!


3. Polynesian Cultural Center


I was sceptical about this because of the price but in the end I think that it's worth it! It costs $200pp which is almost the same price as going to a 2 hour Luau party and I had to pick between the 2 I'd pick this. This cultural centre offers a variety of shows, exhibits, and activities that showcase Polynesian culture and even a Luau show.


4. Luau party


You can't leave Hawaii without experiencing a Luau! This is a traditional Hawaiian party which includes dance performances, food and drinks! My advise for this is to make sure you read the reviews before booking. There are so many that are just too touristy and not worth the price ticket. In my opinion the best ones on the island are the ones organised by hotels like the Four Seasons or the Disney Hotel.

5. Free cultural activities

Yes Oahu (and Hawaii in general) is expensive. But this was the first island we've been to where you could find so many free activities. We saw a free luau at a shopping centre, we did a lei making class and we had plenty of free cultural activities organised by our hotel every day! So do your research for the time period when you're there and you'll surprised at how many things are happening around you!

We are 100% going back to Hawaii as soon as possible! it might be a minimum of 24 hour travel day for us but it's worth it!


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