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Things to do in Dubai with a baby

We were lucky enough to spend 2 months in Dubai in 2021 and 2022 


The first time we had a 5 month old and 1 year later when we visited again he was 1.5 years old! Dubai is so diverse and there is so much to do that it wasn't difficult for us to find baby friendly activities.


Here are the top 10 things to do:

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1. The Lost Chambers Aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel


This is definitely the best aquarium in Dubai. Glass tunnels, big sharks and plenty of opportunities to come face-to-fin with thousands of fish.

Price: AED 135 for adults, AED 96 for kids below 12, free for babies.


Bonus points for being in the Atlantis Hotel which is an attraction of its own! Restaurants, shops, pools, a bowling alley, a waterpark and many more are open to the public. There are enough things to do for a whole day. We took the monorail there which goes from the bottom of the Palm to the very top where the Atlantis is and the route is very scenic.


2. Dubai Mall


The biggest mall in the world! Need I say more? You can spend days in this mall and still not manage to see every floor. Countless shops, restaurants, an aquarium, arcades, the biggest indoor ice rink, a waterfall and many more things to do that will keep you and your baby busy.


There are excellent changing rooms and feeding rooms on all floors that even have a play area inside for toddlers. The mall is a great place to walk around in order to avoid the heat and also your baby can people watch and your toddler can run around to release some of their energy!

3. Dubai Fountain Show


There is an amazing fountain show with music and lights every 30 min from 6pm to 11pm. The show takes place right outside the Burj Khalifa which is also lit up and takes part in the spectacle! You can see the show from anywhere around the fountain or on a special platform (not baby friendly) or from a boat inside the fountain. Personally we felt that standing around the fountain (which is free) gives you the best view!


The show lasts 5 min and every show is different! We decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants right next to it so this way we enjoyed it several times in one evening!


4. Green Planet


A tropical indoor rainforest with over 3000 plants & animals which is sure to impress not only your kids but also you! Tickets care cheaper if you pre-book online (AED 89 for adults) and are valid all day. So you can go around once, leave for lunch and then go back. This is what we did as our baby was sleeping the first time around!

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5. Souk Madinat


A modern recreation of an old souk (market) that's definitely worth a visit! Plenty of shops as well as restaurants but the best of all is the view. Just outside the souk you can see the Burj Al Arab, the self- proclaimed only 7 star hotel in the world. You can only go to the actual hotel if you're a guest or if you've pre-booked one of its very expensive restaurants. So going to Souk Madinat is the closest you can get to it!


6. Dubai Marina


Home to many skyscrapers including the tallest residential tower in the world! It is 8km long if you walk around it and it's perfect if you want to do a long walk and stop along the way to the many restaurants and cafes. It is also a great location for accommodation as it's close to the beach but also close to metro stations.


7. Cruise


There are very nice 2 hour cruises that you can do that leave from the Dubai Marina. They include a buffet dinner, a welcome drink and take you from the Marina to the Palm island all the way to the Atlantis and back! There is indoor seating with background music as well as outdoor seating if you prefer something more quiet! We sat outside and were able to put the baby to sleep and enjoy the view.

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8. Abra Creek Crossing


You can hop on an Abra which is a traditional boat and cross the creek for as little as 1 dirham per person! The journey lasts about 5 min and it's something quick and fun to do. Make sure you bring cash as cards are not accepted!


9. JBR Beach


There are a few beaches in Dubai but the most baby friendly one is JBR. The reason being that it's the only one that's full of cafes and restaurants around so you can quickly pop into one if the sun gets too hot or if you need a changing room or a little rest!


10. Get a baby sitter


If you really want to do an activity that's not baby friendly then you can easily get a baby sitter! We used the baby sitting services in the Dubai Mall which cost around £25/hour but we also know of nanny services in the Atlantis hotel for £30/hour. They're extremely friendly and were lovely to our baby!


Dubai is a magnificent destination and there is no reason to skip it if you have a baby! You can enjoy it regardless! The only times to avoid would be July to August when temperatures go above 40°C (104°F). Enjoy!


For baby travel tips follow:

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