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Best things to do in Kauai, Hawaii with a baby

Kauai was the first Hawaiian island that we visited! and let's just say we were sold from the second we stepped off the plane! Paradise on earth!


Here are our top tips for making the most of Kauai with a baby:

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1. Hire a car


This goes without saying! You definitely need one to get around and the good news is that the island is quite small so you never have to be in the car for longer than an hour or so to get to your destination.


2. Baby friendly beaches


Poipu Beach Park and Legate beach were the best in our opinion! They both had a closed off beach area away from the big waves where you can go in with kids and babies! Poipu beach also has a snorkelling area with colourful fish so while one parent is with the kids the other can enjoy some underwater magic.


3. Playgrounds


Kauai has so many playgrounds scattered around. The biggest and best one has to be the one at Lydgate. There are different sections of it based on age and there are suitable areas for kids of all ages starting from babies. It's very big so we never saw it crowded.


4. Accommodation


If you would like less "nature" is your room then I would totally recommend getting a hotel. Hawaii has a lot of insects that can easily get into your room if you're not careful. we tried both hotels and local stays and in our opinion hotels are definitely cleaner/ newer and less likely to have bugs in them.


5. Restaurants


All restaurants we went to had high chairs and many baby friendly meals. we definitely didn't struggle to find food for our baby. Also in general cafes and restaurants are pretty clean so safe for babies to walk and play around.


6. Hiking


There are several baby friendly hikes that aren't too long. Our favourite was definitely the one leading to Makawahi Cave! It took 15 min and we did it with our baby in our baby carrier. You do have to crawl to get into the actual cave for about 3-4 metres but we did that while he was still in the carrier and it wasn't an issue. The cave itself is gorgeous and there is also a guide inside who tells you more about the history. nearby you can also see giant tortoises! Any kid would love that!


No matter what you choose to do you're going to love Kauai! It's not only baby friendly, it's perfect for them to breathe fresh air, play around in the greenery and become even more curious about the worlds around them!


For baby travel tips and inspiration follow:

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