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Things to do in Seoul, Korea with a baby

Seoul is such an amazing destination and so different to any other place you might have been to before! We were lucky enough to spend a month there with out 1.5 year old baby!

Here are the top things to do:

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1. Gyeongbokgung Palace


This is the number 1 thing to do in Seoul! A stunning palace that you can either pay to go in or you can see it from the outside for free. Make sure you catch one of the free shows every hour during the day! They have a couple of different options including the change of the guard.


2. Hongdae


This is the most vibrant area of Seoul. It's where the univesities are so it's full of cafes, restaurants and shops. It's actually great for kids too as there are many street performers to entertain them and many mascot stores full of cuddly toys!


3. Insadong


Another busy area you definitely need to visit. This is definitely directed a bit more to tourists but it's still cheap and authentic enough for you to visit. This is where our favourite spots are for Korean BBQ as well as traditional Korean tea houses!

4. Food Markets 


Eating at a food market at least once every couple of days is a must! This is where you get the best food as well as the best feel for what the city is like. There are plenty to choose from. Our favourite one is Gwangjang Market which was actually featured in a Netflix show about street food around the world. The Specialities there are mung bean pancakes and dumplings.


5. Lotte World Tower


This is the 4th tallest building in the world! The entrance fee costs £18 ($22) for adults and £15 ($18) for kids 3-13 years old. You get to go up to the 122nd floor and see a 360 view of the city! There is also a cafe and a restaurant at the top so you can extend your stay if you wish to! The cafe is reasonably priced but the restaurant is quite expensive!

Things to look out for:

Most restaurants unfortunately don't have high chairs. The underground has lifts but I would say we had to carry our stroller around 50% of the time up and down stairs when there was no step-free access. 


No matter what you do you're going to love exploring Seoul as well as eating all the local food! The locals are so friendly with kids, there wasn't a single day when people didn't stop us to smile or try to talk to our baby!

For baby travel tips follow:

 Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, Korean Temple, Korea, South Korea with a baby, Family travel, Family vacation, Family holidays, Family trips
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